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ShowBox for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch: The Easy Download Guide

The Show Box app is now officially available for iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. It is one of the very few apps that allow you to watch your choicest TV shows, movies and cartoons daily. You could say it is your personal version of the some of the more popular show apps out there.

All of us have a smartphone now and many of us own Apple devices like iPads and iPods. That makes it important for you to know of the easiest way you can download Show Box on your device. Rest assured, after the job is done, you will have a gala time watching movies and shows on your new Show Box app.

Easy Method

For the most part, downloading ShowBox on Apple is similar to downloading it for Android. Now, it is time to install this one-in-a-million app on your Apple devices as well. A new world of entertainment awaits you on the other side.

The rest of this guide will tell you just how easy it is to get the Show Box on your Apple device.

Show Box for iPhone/iPad

There is a little issue that you need to know about the ShowBox app first. The official version is not yet available for the ShoBox app. For some unavoidable reasons, the official Show Box app has been removed from the App Store. We regret that the official download link for the app cannot be provided just yet.

But you will be able to download the app nevertheless, with the help of my handy guide for ShowBox download. And you do not need to worry about tags like official and unofficial at all. Many guys have made use of our app in the past and it has worked just perfect.

The iOS version of the ShowBox app is called Movie Box. This version was developed by the same core team that developed the Show Box app. Most Android users have also tried Movie Box along with Show Box. There is a simple app that you will have to download before you can have Movie Box installed in your Apple device.

Just follow these steps:

  • Download the freeware application known as vShare
  • Install the app, for the first time click the TRUST icon
  • Locate the search bar and type Movie Box (the app will) be there
  • Install the Movie Box app, if required click on Trust again
  • You are set to have fun

Show Box for iPhone: Necessary checks

Make sure the vShare version you install is a jailbroken one. There could be a case where you find a slight lag in the functioning of the app. All you need to do in such cases is to clear the cache and restart the app.

And that is set. You have perhaps the best version of Show Box straight on your phone and you are all set to watch Serials and TV shows in your free time.

You do not need to search random shows and movies on the internet all the while anymore. Just choose a version that is compatible with your iPhone and you are all set.